Welcome to www.manchesterdialectmap.org, part of the Manchester Voices project run by Erin Carrie and Rob Drummond at Manchester Metropolitan University.

We're interested in hearing your thoughts about the accents and dialects spoken across Greater Manchester. We're convinced that there are many and we want to identify them and celebrate them!

On the next page, you'll find a map of Greater Manchester. Using the toolbar, you can draw shapes representing where you think people speak differently from one another. Once you've created a shape, you can give the dialect a name and add words describing how people speak in that area. You can even give examples of sounds, words or grammar, if you like! Repeat the process as many times as you like, then simply click ‘Submit Map'.

When you're finished, we'll ask for some additional information from you, so that we can organise our data more effectively. This is also an opportunity for you to share your views on your own accent and dialect!

By completing the map, you are consenting to your data being used to create a dialect map of Greater Manchester and in published articles upon completion of the project. We won't ask for your name at any time and we'll treat your data confidentially and store it securely throughout. If you begin creating a map and later decide that you don't want to complete it, you can withdraw by simply not submitting your response.

If you have any questions or would like more information, you can email us at e.carrie@mmu.ac.uk and r.drummond@mmu.ac.uk or visit our website at www.manchestervoices.org.